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This Web Site is set up to try to offer general tortoise information to both the knowledgeable keeper and the complete novice thinking of getting a tortoise. In the various sections we aim to show how far tortoise husbandry has come in the last few years and how to ensure a vigorously healthy lifestyle for your tortoise in the 21st century. To do this we need to leave behind many of the preconceived notions that led to the deaths of many thousands of imported tortoises in the last century. These notes have been compiled as a collaboration between Jane Nicoll, a private breeder and general tortoise enthusiast and David Feldmar, a vet with special interest in all aspects of keeping, treating and retailing reptiles.Also learn more about our partnership with our sponsors on how we support to make the ecosystem a better place not only for humans but for the animals as well – simply visit the Bridgewater Canal Industrial Heritage Website.

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